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What kind of packing services should I request for my move

Basic backing – Every moving job comes with the default basic packing of items with moving blankets and pads. Those are recyclable packing materials and they are used by the movers free of charge.

Partial Packing – Fragile (T’vs, table glass tops, mirrors etc) items and upholstered items (Mattress, soffa, etc) must be packed with nonrecicleabe packing materials (bubble wrap, shrink wrap, cardboard etc’) these materials are not free. You can add to your move partial packing services which will insure that all items are packed except the boxes.

Full packing – This service includes packing everything in sight including the boxes. All you have to do is open the door. We do all the rest.

White Gloves – Some residencies’ managements require protective covers for the walls and floors of the premises while the move is taking place. The White Gloves packing services is added to the full packing services and is considered the most premium packing services a mover provides.

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