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Packing tips

What items should be packed in what size box

Small 1.5 cf 12x12x18 – Heavy items such as cd’s books papers, tools, kitchen cutlery, small statues etc

Medium 3 cf 18x18x16 – This is the all purpose box. Anything that isn’t too heavy and anything that isn’t too big. Pots and pans, small to medium electric appliances, nick nacks from around the house, light clothing items etc’

Large 4.5 cf 18x18x24 – clothes, shoes, linens towels etc’

Extra Large 6 cf 24x24x18 – Foldable clothing items, cushions comforters blankets etc’

Dishpack 6 cf 24x24x18 – All glassware and fragile items

Wardrobe box (size may vary) – Clothing items that require hanging and cannot be folded. The bottom can also be a good place to put in large cushions stuffed toys and other very light but big items.

How to pack fragile items: Every large fragile item (pictures, TV’s mirrors etc’) needs to be wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap and on top another layer of cardboard or a special flat box.

How to pack upholstered items (mattresses sofas etc) There are special covers for mattresses that come in various sizes and they keep the mattress clean and safe. Other upholstered items can be wrapped in plastic sheets or shrink wrap.

What to write on boxes: The most important thing is to write FRAGILE in various visible places on all the boxes that contain fragile items. You can also write where the items packed in the box came from (Bedroom living room kitchen etc). You can also number the boxes and run a separate list with each box what it contains so that unpacking can come easier.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Xvanlines representatives.

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