XVanlines – Moving with Excellence


Long Distance Moving

Our moving teams are located in numerous branches state-wide. We will pick up and deliver anywhere in the USA.

We provide a variety of moving services

Full Door to Door

The moving services we offer cover the entire relocation process from start to finish. From the door of your old residence to the door of your future home.
This service is a cost-effective solution for customers who have budget restrictions. It allows for comprehensive solutions for all relocation challenges as well as accessible pricing.

Full Packing Service

This service requires almost no preparation on your part. Simply put, our professional packing crew will pack everything in sight, and load into the truck. Just open the door, and we’ll take it from there.
This service is a favorite for customers who enjoy relocation packages from their employers as well as those who have large families and the preparation for their move is too overwhelming.

White Gloves

Our white gloves service is a premium service for high-end relocation projects. We provide full packing that also includes prior hygiene preparation (gloves and plastic floor covers)
This service is the most recommended when moving in or out of buildings with management restrictions and regulations for moving. It’s also common in cases in which the flooring and walls of a home are delicate and prone to damaging (wood floors, wall-to-wall carpets, expensive wallpaper etc’)

Special Items Shipments

We specialize in the transportation of bulky and delicate items such as Pianos, Pull tables large safes etc.
This service requires special moving skills. Often the items that require moving are delicate and fragile and at the same time bulky and heavy. This means that the preparation of such items for shipping has to take both these aspects into account in order to both provide robust protection from damage as well as enable safe transportation.
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