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Moving Guide

  1. When choosing your moving company, do your research. Make sure that you are talking only to companies that are licenced by the DOT bonded and insured. Make sure that they are actual carriers and not brokers.
  2. Compile a comprehensive inventory of all household goods that you are planning to move including carpets on the floor and pictures on the walls. Revisit this list often to make sure it is always up to date and includes everything that requires moving.
  3. Convey all information about your move to the moving company so that they can plan all the details of your move. This will prevent any surprises on the day of the pickup or delivery.
  4. When you pack your boxes make sure you write their content on them as well as marking those that contain fragile items. .
  5. A few days prior to the move make sure that the number of boxes in the inventory corresponds with what you packed and have ready to be shipped.
  6. Make sure that all day to day use essential belongings as well as irreplaceable valuables stay with you and are not shipped with the moving company
  7. And most important stay positive and enjoy the ride to your new home.

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